Who is

Eddie Elmi?

Published Freelance Photojournalist Wedding - Fashion Commercial -Editorial - Portraits - Events

Eddie Elmi, born May 13, 1981 into a strong (and loud) Italian family in Brooklyn, NY. Eddie was always able to express his feelings from a young age. He learned to be a gentleman from his family, one of his best traits. Outgoing and charismatic, he manages to find the best in people, often bringing the best out of people. Filling a room with positive energy, people usually gravitate around him to be surrounded by his uplifting sprit and warm heart. Shooting with Eddie Elmi is an experience like no other. He is extremely engaging and his direction is custom tailored to each subject, making him a diverse photographer.

Eddie's love of photography started at the age of 17 while shooting his first shots of a sunset on Plum beach in Brooklyn. He grabbed his father’s old film camera, Cannon A1, and just started shooting, and his journey began. Eddie recalls the gentleman at the photo mat questioning him who took the photos, from that point on, Eddie knew he might be on to something.

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